The 'Halibag' Newsletter
August '99

This months Newsletter has been prepared by Bill Tytula, Halifax Restoration Project Manager.

Tail Turrets and Guns . . . The turret and all it's mechanisms are nearing completion. Power, 24 volts, was connected and the turret manipulated for the first time. It was demonstrated working during the weekend of the Trenton Air Show. Many who saw it and worked it were Gunners. The team is now working on the manufacture and installation of the remainder of the plexiglass windows that make up the outer shell.

Center Wing/Center Fuselage . . . The engine and undercarriage attachment structures are nearly complete. Again, for demonstration on the Air Show weekend, we presented #2 engine to the wing. It was not connected, but did show what the power plant will look like when finally installed. Work has started on the manufacture of the leading edges for the center wing. Very little remains of the original; we will have to guess at some of it. We don't have all the drawings.
The trailing edges are already built. One set was done by SPAR and the second by Bombardier. The flaps that attach to the trailing edges are also complete.

Rear Bay/Rear Fuselage . . . Glen Brunton and Murray Leedham, the two prime movers on this project, have been doing remarkable work. New skin panels are being installed at a rate of about one a day. It could be complete by the end of summer.

Engines and Propellers . . . We have a gear case for our last engine. It was once installed on a Beaufighter. The case required major surgery but has restored nicely. There are many minor items like spark plugs still needed; We received one engine from RAF Station Luechars, it was sent by Rescue 57. It's in sad condition, heavily damaged and corroded. Scottish Mist must be more corrosive than Norwegian fresh water. We have not yet been able to get into the bowels of this engine to see if any inner items will be usable.
We also now own a Bristol Hercules 734 engine that is still in Manitoba. A trade was made, the engine for two T33 tip tanks, with Western Canada Aviation Museum, in Winnipeg. Our next project will be to get it here and see what can be robbed from it.

Nose Glass/Bomb Aimers Section . . . We have mentioned in previous newsletters that we borrowed a nose glass section from the Yorkshire Air Museum and need to return it soon. We began to make a single copy, but it somehow got away from us. We have now completed enough components to assemble four nose glass frames. The difficult part is yet to come, moulding of the plexiglass that covers it. It is our intention to complete at least two complete nose glass sections. We know someone will want one, and they are easy to make once the patterns have been made.

Summary . . . We are working on tail fins, horizontal tail-plane sections, windows, frames cockpit instruments and panels etc.
We have not started on intermediate wing sections or outer wings and wing tips. We don't have room. They will have to wait until shop space is available.

Other News . . . 413 RCAFA Wing has commissioned Stephen Snider, a local artist, to do a painting of our Halifax NA337, 2PX, flying over the airfield and the RCAF Memorial Museum. This is a marvellous piece of art. I have asked for ten prints, the first will go to Georgia Howells, widow of Armand Bassett, the Flight Engineer of NA337; the second has been promised to the Norwegian Museum. For moe information or to obtain a copy, CLICK HERE.

        Bill Tytula

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