Other Existing Halifax

Due to the shortsighted policies in place at the end of hostilities all Halifaxes were reduced to scrap and not one example was saved for display in any museum in the world. The Royal Air Force Museum did manage to locate a Halifax in a lake in Norway and they recovered the aircraft and have placed it on display in the condition in which it was recovered, due to the enormous amount of work required to restore it to display condition.
Learn more about the RAF Museum's Halifax.

The Yorkshire Air Museum in England has a 'replica' Halifax aircraft which has been assembled from the parts of several crashed aircraft, the centre section of a Handley Page Hastings and some newly manufactured parts. True, the aircraft will not be totally authentic, but that should not be allowed to detract from the immensity of the challenge and the excellence of the completed project.
This is the story of the Yorkshire Air Museum's Halifax.

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